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What does "Release Date" really mean?

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Hello all, new member <anxiously> awaiting delivery of my 2017 Lightning Blue GT 350. It has been built and was "released" on 9/12/17. Has been sitting in the "Awaiting Shipment" queue ever since. I spoke to the Ford Performance folks who said they usually ship within 1 - 4 days of release date... Question, what exactly does "Release Date" mean? I had thought it meant the car has been built and has had it's final inspection and is ready to ship. Would there be some reason (i.e., damage) that Ford would be holding the car longer? It's been 11 days now since it was released and I'm getting worried - don't want to be taking delivery on a new car that may have been damaged/repaired??

Also, what did those of you who ordered experience, similar delay?

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Anyone...going NUTS here:(
Anyone...going NUTS here:(
Released means the car has gone through "Code Check Gate" which is the last inspection point before the car physically exits the plant. The car is set to "transport" mode and moved to a marshaling location to be readied for transport. The delay may be that they are trying to combine your car with other vehicles slated for transport to your region on car carriers or by rail.

Below is a snap shot of the stages the car moves through in Ford's build process.

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Thanks SVT, very helpful, much appreciated!!
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