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Welcome to the site! Please post an introduction thread!

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To keep the place friendly, we ask that every new member post up an introduction thread letting us know a little bit about themselves, their current (and future) vehicles etc.

Please help us keep this site friendly and informative! Thanks in advance.
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Long time Ford and Mustang enthusiast living in South Jersey. Have a restored '66 Mustang GT K code coupe that is mostly for show and a 2011 Taurus SHO. Ordered a GT 350 from a Delaware dealer and have the VIN and a proposed production the week of Nov 16th. Magnetic..No package. Excited.
Another new member here. Got hooked on Mustangs about 2 years ago when I bought my current 2014 GT500. I now have a 2016 GT350 on order and currently in production. I'm told I might get it before year end, but if not, then certainly in January. Looking forward to hearing about everyone else's experiences with their GT350's and can't wait to get my hands on mine.
Been a Mustang lover all my life. Started with an 84 GT back in high school. Live in Florida and currently own a 65 K code Fastback and a 66 Fastback. Just purchased the GT350 in classic Oxford white/Blue stripes with a Tech package.
hi all, just got my gt350 on dec 21 so I'm still being nice to it. so far I am in love. The car is amazing. deep impact blue. a dealer in PA had it already ordered so I only had to pay a bunch and wait about 5 or 6 wks. I am a ford truck man and have had 3 f250s. but I have never owned a ford car.Not sure how that happened I have a recently completed a 68 chevelle restomod with a 383 stroker and a tremec 5 sp.
The 350 has the tech package and black stripes. I have always had a thing for mustangs. my friend from many moons ago had a 1969 428 cobra jet and I was crazy about that car, it would do 70 in 1st gear. I was thinking about one of those when the info on the new gt350 came glad I waited. I hope to learn from all of you or maybe even help someone out. the car has been drawing lots of attention so far. I even had a BMW mechanic stop me in the parking lot asking questions about it. he took a few pics too. beemers are a dime a dozen around here.
native of Chicago till 9 yo then decades in las vegas, now settled down in south Carolina, upstate. best to all
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I loved the mustang since they were introduced. My late wife purchased one of the first 65 fast backs in November of '64, a silver smoke gray, black interior, 289 2v with a 3 speed and 280 rear gear. We married in 65 and I saw a set of Goodyear "blue dots" in the window. Purchased them immediately! I retired to Florida and test drove a 2011 GT and drove it home. After joining MCA and the Jacksonville Mustang Club I began the make it "Jim's" process. Many mods later and national awards I will get my Red Grill Medalion at our national MCA show in April. I have always wanted a GT350! Now at 71 years young, one of my top bucket list items will soon be realized.
I am the show chairman for the first MCA National Show of 2016 and would like to invite any and all GT350 owners to put their cars,along with mine, on display this April. Contact me through this forum for more information.
Hello.. First car 1967 F/B 6cly Got it in 1970 and put a 428 C/J w/auto in it. Crashed it with in the year. again lol.. went to a 1970 Trans Am, 1975 Datson 280Z. 1990 T/Bird SC with mods, fun car. Had it for 15 years. Sold it and got a 1970 Mach 1 351c and did every thing to it. Had it 12 years. Built my wife a 1965 GT coup ground up, she did not like driving it, she says to nice.. Sold it and ordered a 2012 GT500, yahoo. Did many mods 710 atw for track use road racing. I did some SCCA with a Camaro A/S for 4 years lots of fun. Built a 1965 F/B with a Ford Crate 427ci, TKO600 four link, coil overs. Had to sell it to build my 800 ft garage I have now. I did a 1966 Cobra built by Contemporary I picked up with no motor or trans. Put a 374ci with 4 speed and had fun for a time. Sold it to a guy in Spain. I have just finished another 1965 F/B GT350 cone with 347ci, TKO600, Fab9, four link, coil overs in front. I was building this in Lou of ordering a 2016 GT350. So guess who called me and said they just got in a GT350 blue with black stripes. Well I like blue and that was the end of that. Ran down to Villa Ford and got it. I Just bet 2 others by 10 min to get it. So now I have 2016 GT350, 2012 GT500 and a 1965 F/B GT350 cone. I track my GT500 at Fontana and in 2 weeks taking the GT350 there let it go.. Anyone around the L.A. or Orange county area up for a cruse let me know.
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What is going on in Fontana? I called Villa about that car but it was already gone.
I got the 350 2 days before Xmas. Villa had 1 350R and 4 350's, I got the last one. Blue with black stripes. Fontana (California Speedway) with Speed Ventures uses the pro road course for track days. Next date is 20th of Feb. I take my GT500 there many times.
Hi all, new first time ford owner here. I have a magnetic tech pkg on order and due for delivery in April. I live in the White Mtns of NH and asked to have the delivery delayed till the roads are clear of winter. Totally psyched about this car. I have owned only BMW and Porsche automobiles so far for my sports driving pleasure and when I read about the performance and handling of this car I ordered it. Can't wait. The roads where I live are made for driving junkies so I am looking forward to experiencing my first muscle car.
Just picked up my Avalanche Gray with White Stripes last Friday (2/26). Cars in my area were either sold long ago, or subject to stratospheric levels of additional dealer markup. After talking to dealers in at least 8 states, I made my deal and flew out to pick up my new car for a 1800 mile drive home. That was a fun weekend.

This is my third Mustang, having had a 65 Fastback when I was 17, and a 5.0 convertible in the early 90's. I also drive a 2010 Diesel E-350 4x4 Zombie Defense Vehicle (Sportsmobile), a Nissan Leaf and a BMW R1200GS-Adventure.
Welcome to the forum [MENTION=242]G2166[/MENTION] - Congrats on the new 350!
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Appreciate the invite into the club! My dream car was delivered the 10th of February. Blue with white stripe, a 350 with the tech package. First Mustang a 1969, Mach 1, with a Windsor, 4 block. Mustangs have been my favorite car for life but Fords been hacking the hell out of them till now. Researched and drop a load to p/u this GT-350! Outstanding job with the engine, the body and the suspension system and can appreciate why the Europeans are impressed. Present cars, and X-5 and a 328xi. This 350 eats them up! Love it! I can die now........
I'm new to the GT350 Forum. My oldest son works for a large SoCal Ford dealership and was trying to sell me a 2016 GT350 (they had 2 in the showroom). After shopping around for a few months and looking at various paint colors (and comparing the Tech Package to the Track Package), I was able to find a new 2015 (in the color and package I wanted) at a much smaller dealership about 100 miles away. A dealer trade was not an option. Although my son lost the sale, he was happy with the deal I made as his dealership couldn't get a 2015. I told my son to be patient, eventually the car will be his. In the meantime, I'm enjoying every minute of it!!!
Congrats. Most people paid large premiums for the 2015's.
Hi Ludakirk here. Picked up my GT350 a couple thousand miles ago but only recently took time to search the web for a GT350 forum. This one looks pretty good.
Bought a white with blue stripes tech package right off the showroom, two days after they got it in. I wasn't really in the market, although I had seen the GT350 at the car show over the winter, but this car just hit me right and I decided it was time. Time to get a fun, strong, fast, desirable sporty American car. Folks around me were shocked as they know me only as the motorcycle guy and are used to the constant parade of new and different motorcycles. Performance bikes eclipse cars, at least the ones I can afford, but the Cobra comes as close to replicating the super sport motorcycle experience as any car I've ever driven.
YEEHAW Tire Vehicle Wheel Car Grille

This thing gets down the road!
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Hi guys, glad to be part of the small crowd. I ordered my 2017 GT350 after heartache of leaving a 2016 Track Package on the dealer floor. Nice car but no e-package so I paid the $10k addendum for a 2017 car that will not be on the books for a year. I'm ok with that.

Took delivery yesterday afternoon around 4:00pm. OH MY GOODNESS! Went for a 2 hr drive taking care to keep car under 70mph and varying speeds (old school break-in). Messed with everything, learned nothing. Got a lot to learn on the tech side of this car. But I can say as a previous owner of 3 SVT's and 2 Porsches, this car is the ultimate for those looking for a streetable track car. After I finish my old school break-in I will be aimed for the track for sure. More in other posts. Thanks guys. Glad to be a part of the "evolution."
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I received my GT350 yesterday. Listened to all the drone at the dealership then went for a 2-hr drive to break it in. Another drive scheduled for tomorrow. Love the car! Same size as my Porsches and other SVT's but a ton of more perf features. Thanks thus far Ford.
Just received vin # for my 2017gt350. Hope it's as enjoyable and blast to run as my 2010 raptor. The wait on these build orders makes me nuts waiting lol
Hello, I am a new member. Just picked up my 2017 GT350 last week. What a car! I look forward to chatting and learning from you all. I live in Spring Texas. I am also interested in events and get togethers.
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