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Weird metal clanking sound

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I went and got my car inspected the other day and twice now when I'm braking hard and come to sudden stop I hear a horrible clanging sound coming from the front end of the car. The first time it sounded like it was on the driver's side and I had my windows up so I didn't get to hear it as well as I would've liked. I attempted to recreate it but I couldn't get it to happen. So I just dismissed it as clanging from the clutch from depressing it quickly under load. Well today, I just came to a sudden stop from 2-3 MPH and it happened again, but I had the windows down and it sounded like it came from the passenger side. It literally sounded like a slightly metallic sliding and then a
loud thud AFTER the vehicle came to a stop. I literally thought the car behind me had rear ended me. I've only had the car for 2 1/2 weeks and its got about 1200 miles on it so I highly doubt I broke anything up to this point because I haven't tracked it and I really don't abuse it. I did put an aftermarket exhaust on but it's secure on there and I double checked it to be sure it hadn't moved or one of the exhaust clamps came loose. Honestly it almost sounds like they left a tool or something on my engine tray when they installed it, but I can check that later. Any ideas?
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Get it up on lift and put you hands on everything.
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The first thing I would try is pull the front belly pan and see what drops out.
Is there a video anywhere for getting the belly pan off? I did take a good look down into the bay last night and I didn't see anything crazy. For something to make that kind of noise we'd be talking about a 3/8"-1/2" ratchet or something of that weight. I'll really get under it tonight to see if there's anything loose or flying around under there.
is this the sound ?

is this the sound ?

No, that isn't it Duratech. It's not a consistent or repeating clinking like that. This is once and really sharp and loud after I come to a dead stop from 2-3 MPH. The worst part is it only happens once in a while which makes it hard to identify where and what it is.

As an update, I did get under the car the other night and make sure nothing was flying around on the belly pan and I couldn't find anything other than sand. I'll keep trying to recreate it and see if I can get any definitive results.
Sounds to me like something in the suspension is loose. Just a guess.
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