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Hi all,

I wanted to find out your voltage readings before starting the car. My trickle charger just completed after 4 hours of run time. It went from steady red to flashing green (80% there) to solid green. Before the Voltage read 11.1-11.4. Now it reads 11.6 but I thought it was going to read 12 V.

My question is what's everyone voltage currently at before starting their car and do you have the technology package as more electronics may make a difference.

Battery Type: Original FoMoCo Battery
Voltage: 11.6
Tech Package: Y/N

NOTE: I am trying to address why my car's audio carplay experience becomes distorted and static requiring me to unplug and replug the lighting cable. This is why I am trying to get all of my ducks in a row so I was starting with Voltage. Additionally, something that I've noticed is the audio typically becomes distorted as I drive the car harder around 3K-4K shifts. Maybe, it's the battery pushing it's power to HP versus retaining it on the audio.The car's radio audio always plays correctly though.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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