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Hello! I'm back with yet another non-GT350 Mustang for sale.

This one is unique though, for sure. It's a Sherrod Custom Mustang GT, 2019. Who is Sherrod? Well, they're the custom van people who've been working with Ford since 1979. They broke into Mustangs about 10 years ago and, while divisive, their work is well-loved by those who appreciate it. The work is superb, with rapid prototyping and custom body work 2nd to none. They also do Magnaflow exhausts and cold air intakes as standard performance upgrades, though you can opt for supercharged 700bhp or 900bhp models as well.

This particular one is a Need for Green manual GT with a custom interior, side exhausts, and meticulously well-done body work. It looks lowered but don't let your eyes fool you, that's just the paint-match on the rocker panels. Custom interior and the green carbon fiber hydro-dip round out the features that make this a 100% unique Mustang. There are none like it in the world.

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If you aren't green with envy over this particular Mustang but are intrigued by what's on offer, don't worry! I work directly with Sherrod and can put in an order for the Mustang of your dreams. Again- they use rapid prototyping to precisely match parts so your imagination really is the limit in terms of body panels, colors, interiors, and even performance upgrades like the Whipple supercharger or Ford Performance components.

Let me know by PM or call my number (865)228-4860.

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