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Trusted Mechanic/Dealership - Tampa, FL area?

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Hey everyone,

Does anyone by chance have a mechanic or dealership they trust to service your GT350 in the Tampa, FL area? I'm having some issues with a 2018 GT350 that I just purchased and I'm looking for someone experienced with these cars. I dropped it off at a dealership in Tampa and they did absolutely nothing for me. Sent me home with the same issue, didn't even try to help.

The issue seems to be throttle body related. My car keeps showing a wrench warning light, followed by a "hill assist not available message". The car is new to me so I can't tell if it is driving normally but for the most part things feel okay. This issue didn't pop up until I put about 500 miles on the car, sitting at about 17.5k miles currently.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Super bummed I'm having this issue and want to enjoy this car. Thanks everyone!
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