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Dealer internet quotes vs actual sale price

Now that I've finally decided to go ahead and pull trigger on a '17 with convenience package, I'm running into typical quote way high, haggle down with local Texas dealers contacted. I'm not opposed to a road trip to go pick one up. When I contacted California dealers in August to drive one back from a west coast business trip....several dealers started off on-line quote at 20k over for a base GT350 ( not a GT350R ). Just not interested in wasting time with playing games with floor salesman and Internet reps. If you are aware of a dealer with a Magnetic or Lightning Blue, black stripe, Convenience package, std or black roof........actually ready to make a sale at anywhere close to MSRP, I'll gladly follow up.

Found and purchased a lightning blue GT350 today. Deal was made at considerably less than the first (+10K) or second (+5K) store quote. As others have said in their posts....keep shopping until you find the right car and the right dealer.
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Congrats on your new Lightning Blue GT350! I have a Lightning Blue in transit as we speak!
Congrats on the purchase both of you !!!!
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Tractor...need pics or it didn't happen!! Please for the love of God (and those of us drooling on the arrival of our own Lighting Blue GT350's) you must post pics:)
Congrats on the purchase both of you !!!!
Thanks Voodu, you rock!! Like that yellow by the way!!
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