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When I get my new guy I plan to take part in track events. They are not competition but you are on the track with other cars. In this area they are typically held at Barber Motorsports Park and Talladega. Have done it at both locations with my 08 Bullitt. Really fun. In discussions with some very experienced, active track guys we have been talking insurance coverage. Essentially when you enter the facility gates you are no longer covered by your street carrier. That includes your medical and other coverages as well. There are potential significant liabilities you can be exposed to regardless of your skills and confidence. Someone else can put you in that bag. The liabilities include but are not limited to damages, medical costs and other liability forms. One example given me was a family member of the driver of another car may sue you even if it was clearly someone else's error. Defense costs can be huge, capable of breaking most of us.

With all that said I am requesting comments on how you are dealing with these issues if at all.

Note: I have begun communication with two companies that provide various types of continuous or event coverage. One is Chizmark Larson in Chicago. The other is Locton Motorsports. Will be talking to others and posting info.
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