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Track attack dirver school

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Talked to Tom today to get info on the GT 350 Driving school. It is a 1 day with a second day that you can purchase. Most are Sundays and Mondays. The first day is in a 2016 GT 350, the second are in a race preped boss 302. should be fun. i am planning on doing the class in late April or early May.
Has anyone been to the school yet?

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I attended the event when I had my 2012 Boss 302. The facility is quite awesome. There is a museum with well, I can't even remember how many GT40's there were. A very fun event and lots to do and learn. I've been into racing for years and I still had a blast tearing around the track in the Boss. I think this event will be even better because as much as I loved the Boss, this car is more track capable. Lots of really cool freebies as well.

They will teach you all about heel and toe, as well as everything you need to know. If they don't then ask. They are there to help, and the instructors are great. Plus you won't be doing heel and tow if you aren't comfortable with it. Just relax ans enjoy the day.
I was there in 2014 and it was loaded with cars. The owner of then Miller Motorsport Park had a very nice collection. I didn't know the name had changed so not sure what happened. Sad for sure if all of those cars are gone. So much history in that one building.
Sounds similar to the Boss Track Attack, however we were able to race around the track and pass as well. I love the track so it was a great experience in the Boss. These cars were put through hell so brakes were well-used. You just had to feel the car and know the limits. I hope with these cars aren't quite as beat up yet.

I was there more at the end of the Boss event so it's understandable. Looking forward to the Shelby. This is the only Shelby I've ever considered owning as I've always wanted a track car. Hoping this is the one.
So how long did it take for folks to get information on the event before you could register? I'm assuming it comes in the owners kit after a few months of car delivery?
So how long did it take to receive the letter for the Track Attack event? Thanks.
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