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Track attack dirver school

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Talked to Tom today to get info on the GT 350 Driving school. It is a 1 day with a second day that you can purchase. Most are Sundays and Mondays. The first day is in a 2016 GT 350, the second are in a race preped boss 302. should be fun. i am planning on doing the class in late April or early May.
Has anyone been to the school yet?

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Find yourself some on/off ramps and use them to practice the heel toe. Did that one day for about 45 minutes and gave me plenty of opportunity to practice
Is this event like other HPDE courses where there are passing zones and controlled passes (i.e. pass only with a point) ? I have been running with a group that we can pass anywhere but with a point. I am scheduled for Oct for the two day event--am looking forward to it

When you go to register, have your VIN available as they will verify ownership. They ask for the dealership where you purchased the car. They are very helpful.

I am scheduled for Oct and will spend a second day in the race prepped Boss 302

Good luck and enjoy
Sounds like a blast I will be there in Oct for a two day event. Which course are they using? Did they use the skid cars at all?
I am ready to go.

Thanks for the feedback. I am anxious to go. I have spent a lot of time on a skid pad but never used a skid car--should be interesting to see how it goes. It is a little different when they initiate the over steer vs doing it your self. Will let you know how it goes. I will review the East Course to prepare for my two days. Heel toe seems to be tougher in the GT350 than my usual track car (2009 GT500) as the brakes seems to be fairly sensitive--and I am running the large brakes and track pads on the GT500. Haven't mastered a smooth heel toe yet. Gonna practice.
Have you been to any tracks near your home? Any recommendations as we are always looking for new venues.

Well, I am here for Track Attack--review to follow. Hard to believe this track is in middle of no where but looks like a nice facility. Had time to kill today so watched the motorcycle races--now that is just plain crazy, and ran the go karts for awhile. Warm (75 degrees) and sunny--very windy today. Calling for some rain tomorrow so we will see if they take us out. I have run a lot in the rain so I am not too concerned but the school might be. Will follow this with a report tomorrow and then again on Tuesday as I am staying for the second day

Two days down and got to meet a lot of very nice fellow GT350 owners. Nice benefit to the program. Track Attack day was split between exercises in the morning-skid car, braking and heel toe exercise, and slalom using the different settings on the car. Drove us on the track in the vans to see the preferred line and then some lead/follow. Then out with an instructor for one session, then ended with a solo session. At the end the instructors took us out for some hot laps---the car is very capable from the factory. The only changes done to the car other than roll bar and harnesses are Paget pad and high performance brake fluid. Ford wants these cars as close to what we would drive. We did have to do a start with launch control--didn't understand how I was to use it before but do now.
Second day I opted for the Boss 302--very capable cars and fun to drive. Visibility is limited due to the roll cage so you have to concentrate and sometimes imagine where the apex is.
If I can leave you with one thing--if you haven't done this program yet--do it and opt for the second day.
The instructors were very personable and helpful. Great bunch of guys. Facility is great.
Cold and windy on Monday--snow was on the mountain tops and that wasn't there the day before--today was warmer and less windy.
With the GT350 we ran the West course and with the Boss 302 we ran the East course. Both a lot of fun.
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