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Track attack dirver school

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Talked to Tom today to get info on the GT 350 Driving school. It is a 1 day with a second day that you can purchase. Most are Sundays and Mondays. The first day is in a 2016 GT 350, the second are in a race preped boss 302. should be fun. i am planning on doing the class in late April or early May.
Has anyone been to the school yet?

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I just did the School May 10th. We had guys that have no intentions of tracking their basic 350 to those of us with track cars and will track them. Most with no track time to some with many days. You are there to learn what your car is capable of doing. That dose not mean you will push it that far. Everyone should have it at the top of their to do list. Where else can you go and have Ford pay for the BRAKES and TIRES you burn up. The staff made sure those that had a friend or wife with them attended every class and drove them to each station to experience and see what the drivers were learning and doing. At the end of the day they were given hot laps just as the drivers were. Fly to Vegas and drive up or fly direct to Salt Lake City and make a vacation out of it you will not regret it.


regarding the museum cars: The Miller family still owns them, some were moved to Colorado and others are in SLC.

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