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Track attack dirver school

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Talked to Tom today to get info on the GT 350 Driving school. It is a 1 day with a second day that you can purchase. Most are Sundays and Mondays. The first day is in a 2016 GT 350, the second are in a race preped boss 302. should be fun. i am planning on doing the class in late April or early May.
Has anyone been to the school yet?

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Yes, the Atlanta and Pocono track tours are full. Received my letter two days ago, immediately tried to sign up for Pocono, and they were full. Was able to get on a wait list.
Thanks for the info NJ, guess we all gotta gat our assess in gear.

Just realized we're talking about 2 different classes- I am planning on going to the Track Attack in Utah in May- waitlisted for the other event
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