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Taking Delivery of 2018 GT350, Have Questions

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My local dealer found me a 2018 GT350, Ruby Red w/black stripe and convenience package--the exact car I would have ordered; however, the stripe ends at the front of the hood and does not extend down the front fascia. Looking closely, the paint appears to match, but it still gives me pause. Furthermore, the dealer my dealer obtained the car from in turn drove the car 130+ miles from a neighboring dealer, which I find odd.

The dealer my dealer got the car from claims that it came without the stripe extending down the fascia, which also seems very odd--I would have expected the first dealer to have filed it as a mis-build with Ford, but Ford Performance has no record of that for this VIN (I called them today). It's been recommended to me to have a body shop verify that it's original.

My dealer has offered to order the striping from Ford and have it professionally installed, and assures me that it would still be considered "factory original."

Would you take delivery of this vehicle at MSRP? Would you take delivery of it at all?

Here is the car:

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My dealer took the bad car back without fuss, my gf found one nearby, and my dealer got it from them, brought it up, and I took delivery of a pristine Ruby Red w/black stripe + convenience package, with 15 miles on the odo, and no BS backstory.

I introduce to you, Ruby Gale!

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Great color! Is that you behind the car?
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