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Hi Fellas,

A newbie to this forum here, joined up because I am thinking hard on switching into a GT350. I have loved the 350 ever since I first saw one pull up to my girlfriend's house many moons ago. Her older sister had a boyfriend with lots of money and his 1966 nearly made me faint when he would fire it up. It was 1970 and that car was almost surreal in it's street presence. A hunger was born.

Well, like many here, I have been through lots of cars since then, some great and many not so great! Currently I am driving a great one... a 2010 M3. It is a fantastic car- 414 hp and an 8300 RPM red line from a naturally aspirated 4 liter V8. But the torque curve honestly sucks, peaks at a mere 295 lb-ft. The car is a blast to drive once you are over 5500 rpm and the chassis is fabulous. But all I have read about the torque feed from this Voodoo motor makes me drool. So my questions....

1. Anybody out there familiar with the 08-13 M3 to give me a seat of the pants comparo?
2. How hard is it to actually find this Mustang to purchase these days, especially if I want to order to my specs?
3. Normal wait until delivery is...?
4. Is anybody paying MSRP yet? The six figure on line prices crack me up.

Thanks in advance guys!
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