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Stripes or No Stripes?

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I would like some input on the question of stripes vs. no stripes. My brother who received the first 2016 tech pak in our area is of the thought that you would never order a GT350 without stripes. The stock manager for ordering where I purchased the car has the same thought. I am not much of a stripe type person and ordered the car black tech pak no stripes. I can change this order when Ford calls a final order to build the car--very soon. So; any input would be appreciated.
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I ordered mine with no stripes, there are a lot of GT350's running around without stripes. Some have the black roof, which looks great on some of the colors.
I decided early on that I wanted a hood stripe only, not down the front or over the top.
After about a month of analyzing what I wanted, I ended up with a nice custom stripe that you won't see anywhere.
You can have stripes or any kind of graphic added later, should depend on what you like, not what other people think. They are certainly easier to put on than they are to take off.

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Ordered mine without stripe. To me stripes attract unwanted attention. I notice cars with them. A good friend who is a police officer and a member of our mustang club says they watch striped cars more closely. I have a 2008 Bullitt. On that one I even replaced the gas tank cap with a black panel. To the untrained eye it looks like an office worker daily driver.
Ultimately the decision should be just to you, what looks better? I wouldn't worry about the stripes affecting resale value or anything like that. Get whatever you like, who cares what everyone else thinks?
Take a chance. Get the stripes
and a good cop catcher.
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