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stripe color

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finally I'm part of the shelby team!! just got my '16 avalanche w/tech pkg. I'm having dealer add the stripes, i don't like the high gloss version stripes on the standard 350, I'm thinking of the semi-gloss/flat ones that come with the 350R, but without the red pinstripe, perhaps no pinstripe or gloss black pinstripe, thoughts??


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I don't think that you can order the factory stripes that way, they are a one piece vinyl stripe. Your stuck with what the factory combinations indicate.
To get what you want, you may need to find a vinyl shop and have them made, that's what I did. It would allow you the color combination that you want, be much less cost, done quicker and probably better overall.
If something were to damage the stripes, it would be easier to have a custom stripe repaired.
After getting stripes on mine, I'd go without them- too much upkeep, life for them is limited in imho.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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