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sport exhaust issues

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yesterday I drove home with my new '16 GT350 avalanche grey, with 20 miles on it and I noticed I can't change to sport exhaust mode, i get a prompt that says "exhaust mode not avl" and a "driving mode not avl" pop up too...this AM all was good, however I have an airbag idiot light on. glitch?? i'm in phoenix so it;s hot here, maybe car was too hot and for safety reasons it didn;t want to go into "track mode"??
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More likely, the valve on the mufflers was stuck. It cycles when you start the vehicle and if it does not cycle, the modes are not available. I had an air bag light due to a broken connector under the pass seat.
The only time you should see "Driving mode not available" as a normal condition is if you are in reverse gear.
You may need to have the dealer reset the exhaust valves or check them for a sticking condition.
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Has anyone disabled the butterfly valves on the exhaust too keep them open?
Once I added long tube headers and high flow cats I not only lost exhaust modes but I lost the driving modes. In my case it didn’t start until I added th whipple and ford and whipple can’t figure it out after 2 tuners. Anyone else having the problem? Also high oil temps despite the oil cooler
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