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Hi guys. A friend of mine was one of the GT350 development engineers. When the car was being developed they would keep a front rim fitted with a 275/45R19 tire in the trunk to use as a spare. This combination is the ONLY combination that can be used front and rear on a GT350 (the narrower than stock tire, combined with the offset of a front rim JUST clears the rear suspension), it can therefore be used front and rear in an emergency

So I bought a front rim and appropriate tire for my GT350, but having recently sold my car I no longer need the items.

I therefore posted the following item(s) for sale on my local kijiji but haven't had any bites. Surely there must be somebody in Ontario or Quebec (or just over the border, in NY state for example) who would like to have this item?:

Please feel free to connect with me either via this forum or via the kijiji ad itself. And if you feel I've posted this in the wrong place, please let me know and I'll ask the moderators to move it.
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