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Most of us do the show scene, road race, drag race or at least attend events that you are awarded, get participation recognition or just buy stuff. I've seen some great pictures of garages full of this kind of stuff when posting pictures of y'all's car. So let's go a step further, show us your stuff. I'll start. I've been around for a while doing this and have lots of Ford related stuff and awards. So, whatcha got?

Picture frame Interior design Shelving Shelf Rectangle

Shelf Shelving Publication Table Desk

Picture frame Shelf Shelving Interior design Wood

Picture frame Interior design Art Font Wood

These two are my favorite. At a track in central Texas a few years back they had a mustang shootout. I had my 65 and wife had a 96. We both won our class. The track had broken classes down by dial. I think there was 6 classes. They had an overall shootout between class winners. We both made it to the final. It was pretty cool when the announcer was trying to fiquire out who was in which car. I had dialed something like 2.5 seconds faster and had to sit there for what seemed like forever. Well it turned out her tree was better than mine and she won the overall event. It's now a good topic of conversation at family functions on how she is a better drag racer. As they say, a family that races togethet stays together.

Trophy Wood Sword Artifact Gas

Isn't it amazing what we do for a five dollar trophy?
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