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Seat Swap

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Hi All,

I own a 2017 avalanche gray GT350, with the Recaro racing style seats. They're pretty comfortable, but as a daily driver I thought I'd enjoy the comfort and convenience of the power heated and cooled seats - and MUCH easier to get in and out of the car. So I found a set of seats from another GT350 owner that converted his car to a full race car.

They bolt in perfectly, with one problem: they don't work. There are two plugs under the seats and only one plug on the floor of my car. I'm aware that the heating/cooling features will take some more work (perhaps on the dash), but I had high hopes that at least the power adjustments would be operable.

Anyone have any advice?



PS I'm keeping the Recaros for track days and the potential future sale of the car
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Surprised that it appears no one on here has done this. I saw on TV that Jay Leno made the swap on his 2015 GT350R, and “set the Recaros aside’.
I have seen some talk about this but no one that has done it. I have read on other forums that it requires a different harness and climate control. I was looking about this as I wanted the Recaros but am getting use to the power seats.
Voodu, I can tell you that the swap is easy for you. Going from the electric adjustable seats to Recaros doesn’t take anything other than bolting them in and plugging in the airbag harness. You’ll have an unused plug left under the seat and the nonoperable buttons on the dash, but otherwise no problem at all.
Yeah I am going to keep my eye open for a set of Recaros
The cool thing is it’s a 15 min max swap whenever you want.
Hi Slomo did you ever find a solution to you plug problem for the seat swap thanks
I got the heated cooled/seats for this reason (it was hard to find one that was also Orange Fury). They are sooo comfortable, and I live in Texas, where it's hot as hell. The cooled seats are very, very, nice. Drove for a few hours yesterday and my back felt just fine - the adrenaline helps too :)
A guy I talked to at the dealership said a seat swap on these would be very expensive (welding involved?), and would even void the warranty (we looked into this a bit), but he could have been pulling that out of the air. Either way I'm glad I got them, can't recommend them enough.

I haven't tracked it yet, but for the 98% of the time I'm driving on the street/highways, the comfort is ace.
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At first I liked the Recaros based on what I've read about them. Reality? they are discomfort to me. My shoulders hit the sides.
At first I liked the Recaros based on what I've read about them. Reality? they are discomfort to me. My shoulders hit the sides.
The lfirst/last Mustang I owned with Recaros was my '85 SVO. :)
I have a related question. My son and I each have 2016 GT350's. Mine is tech and his is track. Is it feasible to swap his Recaro passenger seat for my driver tech seat?
well you could always meld them together and have dual power heated/cooled Recaro's - no lights on

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