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Recalls and stop sale

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This is bad news, surprised it hasn't already been posted on this forum.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Recall - Mustang Shelby GT350R Stop Sale

Since Ford doesn't want us to drive them until the issue is fixed, it would be nice to get a vehicle to use while we can't drive ours (until March 2017).
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Wow... I did know about the recall...but did not know the severity of it. Hopefully mine doesn't catch on fire since I'm daily driving it.
Well Ford must not be to concerned about it if according to the article it will be January until they have a fix. I'm sure there are a lot of people just like me whose car is on the list but even though they don't race it its there daily driver. So there ain't much we can do but assume the chances are very low of it happening and hope it doesn't. I'm sure my dealership isn't going to give me some other new brand of car to drive until January and want me to park it.
It would be nice if Ford had gotten on the phone or contact us by email to stop driving the car. I was to be going to the track next weekend, now to develop a plan B
Ok my dealership contacted the special service support center. My car is a daily driver and I won't be tracking it (doesn't have track package any way) Answer was: "Since the bulletin will not be launched until next year, please advise the owner to monitor his oil and watch for large spills. He can have his vehicle towed to the dealership and repaired and request a refund later if there is no remaining warranty coverage. The owner can continue to operate the vehicle with the advance knowledge of the concern, so he knows what to look for. There is nothing authorized under this advance notice. Thank you for contacting SSSC" My dealership said to just bring it by every week or so and they would check it to see if still dry as it is now. And I checked my vin and I am on the recall list.
Well, it seems our concerns are grounded from the “fire incident” based on this very recent recall. The guy that owned the car gave it to Ford for post fire analysis in exchange for the 350R. I was wondering when we would see the end result, as we all have the oil coolers.

Shelby GT350 Turns Into a Great Ball of Fire » News

Just speculation, but it sounds like it’s the snap ring where the oil cooler thermostat is located or possibly at the point where the oil lines tie into the oil cooler itself. I’m not sure if it’s just a snap ring at the cooler input/output lines as well, but I will personally be pulling the belly/aero pan for an overall general inspection of these areas and for any signs of wetness around the connectors.

Honestly guys, I’m pretty happy Ford is owning up to this. I feel much better knowing about the small possibility for a leak and knowing that they are working on a fix for it then having it the other way. It currently seems like it’s a very rare case as this is the only fire or complete oil pressure drop that I’ve heard of. Has anyone else really heard of another?

Also, just think about how many track miles these cars have seen thus far across all GT350s produced.

Anyways, I’m not going to let this stop my enjoyment of the car but I will at least keep a general eye on those oil cooler lines and connectors during oil changes etc. Hopefully they will have a new connector design or finalized recall/fix soon.

Thank you Ford.
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Stopped at the dealer today and the recall letters are supposed to go out the week of Dec 12. That seems a little behind the curve to me. They didn't say not to track it or drive it. If the thing can fail suddenly, I don't want to oil up the track.

I looked at the NHSTA VIN checker for a couple GT350's that I've been looking at, and they came up negative. Does anyone from Canada know if the recall affects them? I checked the Transport Canada recall site and there were a few for 2015 Mustangs, but none found under Shelby.
I just checked the vin for my Canadian build that was built on March 21st 2016. It came up negative for any recalls. I'll have the car up on the hoist this weekend, removing the belly pan and checking for any signs of leaks. Better to error on the side of caution.
If only certain cars are affected, indicated by date manufactured, wouldn't this imply that the later builds not effected have a tube assembly that performs as designed? That said, why the delay from Ford for a solution if one exists already for the 2017 models???
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Here is a link to the recall from Transport Canada.

The dealership I'm working with said they're aware of the recall and will have the car I buy fixed before delivery.
2016 Shadow Black w/tech pkg.
Received a recall notice 11/30 about engine cooler lines. They say I will receive a notice when parts are available to repair it.
Yes, I too received such a notice. I confirmed this with the VIN check & my car is on the list. Fortunately, the car won't get used much over the coming winter.
It's been 2 months since the oil line recall notice was issued. Any idea when they will start implementing the fix?
Sometime prior to 2018?
Hahahaha.... Notice stated sometime in the first quarter of 2017...So hopefully by March.
Received official letter in the mail today from Ford stating replacement parts for the recalled oil cooler lines are now available and to contact your dealer to schedule the repairs. Just made it within their Q1/2017 scheduled deadline.
Yeap! Got the letter yesterday. Will take it next week for the repair.
dealer ordered parts last week and they are at the dealer waiting for my car to get there. supposed to take 1-1 1/2 hours to do. Looks like the hard part is taking all the retainers out to remove the under body pans. I worked yesterday till this morning and stopped at the dealer on way home. I then get home and I have greetings from the Ford recall people. Good luck everyone

I got my letter today also. Called the dealer and they ordered the parts. They say they will call me when they come in.
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