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i just want browsers/non-owners (yet) and ppl with 3 or more trailer queens in their warehouse..... to realize the gravity of the GT350...this is SUCH a ground breaking auto for FORD; not withstanding America, this car ALONE will bring Ford Motor Company within a fleeting breath of a class win at the Rolex24 and IF they are invited; to a class win at LeMans....these are LONG can secure first in class with 2 hrs to go and an oil line break...disheartening to say the least.....the GT350R-C will rejuvenate the American spirit....not only because it's a Ford, but because it IS a is a car you watch for 20 of the 24 hrs and say "I CAN/WILL buy that bad ass tomorrow!"..... This is the FIRST VISCERAL Mustang for me....maybe not you....everyone knows about opinions.......i know this vehicle will renew the American spirit in endurance racing.....thank you FORD Performance!!!!!!!!

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One small detail: The GT350R-C is not competing in the Rolex 24, but rather in the Continental Series GS class. Unfortunately, intake restrictors for the class mandated "balance of performance" index will attempt to keep her down a notch.

The Ford GT is competing in the Rolex 24, in the GTD class however. CGR needs to sandbag a bit, to avoid emasculation by the "BOP" rule.

However you are correct about the GT350R's aura and appeal. This car has spiked this long time Porsche owner's interest and have one on order. The first Mustang I have owned, coming to a track near you to terrorize my fellow Porsche buddies!
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I've always been an early-Ford hot rod, big horsepower applied to a 1/4 mile straight-line type of guy, those cars having Chevy engines. About two years I started getting offers for low-priced subscriptions to magazines such as Car & Driver and Road & Track. I subscribed and got more of an appreciation for driving and handling cars. I was never a big Mustang guy but when I started reading about the GT-350 (around July of this past year?) I got fascinated by the car and started researching it more and more. I was going to wait until they came out before buying but when I heard how limited the production run would be (about 1 GT-350 to every 11 Corvettes manufactured) I put my money down then and there! Yes, this car is a major game-changer for the car business! And it will be one of those cars that is always be a collectors item. I gave my dealer my down payment October 13 and it is scheduled to be built this coming week (January 25).
yep....Conti Series and bad
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