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i assume (from Ford Perf.) the rubber compound is compromised at/around freezing....i also understand that the R comes shod with a bespoke compound...i have several other autos that have similar compounds and i don't recall any of those manufacturers informing me to NOT drive or store the car in those temps....has anyone had a problem with the tires "cracking" at 32 degrees?
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I thought the warning was about driving Don't recall anything about storing in cold temps. These tires are slippery as all get out in the cold and normal driving will not raise their temps enough for good traction
both r compound and the reg GT350 rubber compound get glassey at or under 40 degrees. Not recommended to drive on ...
plus you have the ingfamous cracks too on the tires themselves

I have been driving my GT350 for a year now and a lot of those miles have been between 10 and 30 degrees F. The traction on the MPSS tires in cold temps is not really an issue as long as you drive reasonable and have dry pavement.
There is no way you can drive this car with any amount of snow accumulation on the surface.
This tire issue has been gone over many times. Its the cup 2 tires on the R that can crack below 45 degrees (have glass particles in them). There is nothing from owners manual on regular GT 350 tires saying they will crack only that they are unsafe. There's a lot of us that don't have heated garages and therefore tires will be colder that 45 degrees and if not the cup 2 tires if they crack then every spring Ford can be sued and give us a new set. They may crack under some other circumstances if not cup 2 but I'm sure they won't otherwise. Drove a 2005 GTO through two very cold winters when pavement was dry (it had performance manufacture summer tires) and when traded two years later tires looked just fine.
Has anyone heard from the GT350 owner from the Pittsburgh area that wanted to put snow tires on his car and drive it year round? Curious how that is working out.
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