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Quickjack Pros and Cons

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Thinking about getting one so I'm interested in hearing about anyone's opinion.
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you mean a floor jack so you can work on your Shelby?
if that's what you are asking then it needs to be a realllly low profile jack with long reach.
this is the one I am using:
Hi racer172, got a floor jack. Here's what I talking about:
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Hi racer172, got a floor jack. Here's what I talking about:
I looked at this awhile back, before I got the 350. Never could decide if it would work for me so I'm still using jack stands. I'll be interested to see the comments on this thread.
I'm wondering about the build quality. It's hard to tell from the web site how substantial it is. Love to hear from someone who has used one.
Interesting, never seen this before.
I would think it would be hard to line your car up just right so metal-on-metal contact with your car was at the right points
looks cool though.
I guess it's really not taking up much garage space if it's under your car all the time right..?
My thoughts exactly. I have a pinch weld adapter plate that I use with my low profile floor jack. It's a pain to line up with that. I can only imagine how hard it would be to line up the four optional pinch weld rubber spacers that quickjack makes. Probably need 4 people just to do that!
Between either lining up on pinch weld or if you install jacking rails, the jacking points are too narrow for the wider footprint of this lift. Seems link more chance to cause undercarriage damage than not.

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Here’s the area you’re trying to bridge. Exhaust is close. Note jacking rail. Easy for the floor jack.
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