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production sequence

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Can anyone tell me what the production sequence range is . I have a chance to buy # 501 but I dont know if that number means anything. Also , is there a site to check Ford dealer inventory across the US for available GT 350 and R cars?
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The number won't mean much at this point, it's more about the options the particular car has. The only site that lists a collection of cars and allocations available is Ebay. Unless you want to do the legwork yourself and call around to dealers to see if they would have anything available for 2016..
R allocations will be very difficult to find since Ford won't be releasing any more until March.
Thanks GT Dave. Ive been looking at cars available and its the chassis number on the dash that I'm asking about. Ive seen numbers from 68 to 1265. Not sure how these chassis numbers relate to production dates?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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