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Private Track Day Part Deux - October 1, 2018 - Thunder Hill Raceway

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Its official - October 1, 2018 - Thunder Hill Raceway 3 mile course

Date: October 1, 2018 (Monday)
Location: Thunder Hill Raceway (Willows, CA)
Time: All Day Track Rental 0700-1700
Car limit: 60 car Maximum ***FULL***
Cost per driver: $275 (Everything included)
Deposit per driver: $100 (Goes toward your track day cost)

Start getting your shit together. Cancel your vacation and postpone the wedding. We have officially set a date and are moving forward with taking deposits ASAP. I have confirmed with the Ford Performance Racing School that they will be bringing two cars to the event. The FPRS in house GT350R, and their FP350S. The school is brining both cars to do some testing for future 25 hour races at Thunder Hill. This will be your opportunity to chase an FP350S and track prepped GT350R on track. The GT350R will also be available for ride alongs throughout the day.

I plan to have vendors, professional photography, videography, and some other fun items planned for the day. Rob Gluckman photography will be in attendance again to capture some amazing images, and put forward all the lessons learned from our last track day into this one. There will be custom shirts made again to commemorate the day, and some other items yet to be determined. Any vendors seeking to participate in the event please contact me ahead of time.

The setup will be the same as our Buttonwillow track day with a focus on safety, fun, and meeting fellow Mustang enthusiasts. The day will be capped at 60 cars total, and I will look to have spots reserved for several benchmark cars from other brands. Do not sleep on the opportunity to attend this track day, as spots will fill up fast. The beginner group will be limited as Thunder Hill has some less forgiving areas, and it will require less instructors. Send me a PM of you are interested so we can start taking deposits and getting your spot reserved. Due to last minute cancellations and the issues they create the initial deposit will be $100, and final costs must be paid 30 days before the event.

Lets have some fun guys!


Send deposits to me via PayPal as a gift to [email protected] with the following information:

Full Name:
Forum/Instagram Name:
Phone #:
Vehicle Type:
Number of Track Days driven in:

1) 50Deep - GT350R
2) Vudugt350 - GT350R
3) Ford Performance Racing School - GT350R / FP350S
4) 5.4 Dreams - GT500
5) Oxford5pointoh - S197
6) Dezertnut - S197
7) Kim J - S550 PP2
8) Apex Media - Terminator
9) Nordique14 - GT350
10) Snke662 - GT500
11) Mark H - GT350
12) Raiderjatt02 - GT350
13) Geepaw - GT350
14) Dark Horse GT - S550
15) Dtmaso - GT350R
16) Gab3573 - S550
17) Nickteckla - ZL1
18) Flyhalf - S550
19) Hegonee5.0 - S550
20) Marc M - Camaro SS
21) Mark B - GT350
22) SheedysGT350 - GT350
23) Farhad F - AC Cobra Replica
24) Jason S - GT350
25) Ghoust Racer - GT350
26) Michael B - GT500
27) Tai L - GT350
28) Stephen P - GT350R
29) Vincent L - S197
30) Christopher B - GT350
31) Robert C - BMW 328i
32) Jim J - GT350
33) Frank P - SN95
34) Patrick W - FoRS
35) Rodrick M - GT350R
36) Ryan N - Porsche 911
37) Rom M - FoRS
38) Calvin C - SVT Contour
39) Bryan F - FoRS
40) Justin R - FoST
41) Tyler C - FoRS
42) Vimal P -FoRS
43) Jarred C - FoST
44) Brad P -FoRS
45) Kevin P -Shelby GT500
46) Mark R- FoST
47) Andrew M - BMW 328i
48) Sean D - FoRS
49) Steven L - GR40 New Edge
50) Chris M - FoRS
51) Brian B - FR500S
52) Pete R - S197 GT
53) Chris A - GT350
54) Jim L - GT4 Mustang
55) Kimberly L - Boss 302R
56) Wes W - GT3350R Procharged
57) Ben O - CTSV
58) David K - Audi RS3
59) Ty S - GT350
60) Byron J - GT350
61) David S - Boss 302
62) Victor S - Mustang GT
63) Lacnce A - S197 Miller
64) Chad A - SN95 Bondurant
65) Adam H - GT350R
66) Matt S - Foxbody
67) Cindy Y - S197

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Afternoon Everyone,

Just wanted to give you all an update on the track day. We are looking great with 32 spots full, and 28 spots still open. If you have any friends or buddies that would like to attend the track day please let them know so we can get this filled up early. I would prefer referrals of other drivers you know to be safe on track, and that like to have a good time. The track day is open to all vehicles so feel free to invite them all.

The final total of $275 will be due on August 31, 2018. So subtract your $100 deposit and the remainder is $175.

I should have a full schedule and run groups out to everyone the first week of September.
Down to just 15 spots left and the playing field is getting rather interesting. Lots of representation from the FoRS and FoST guys coming through, and even some Porsche!

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VERY excited to report that the track day only has 2 OPEN SPOTS LEFT! I am awaiting payment from a couple folks, but that should wrap it up. The playing field developed nicely over the last few days. You can expect to see a GT4 Mustang, Boss 302R, FR500S, GR40 Equipped New Edge, SVT Contour, and possibly another FP350S in attendance. Still accepting spots from vendors and spectators are welcome. Also updated the flyer, so PLEASE SHARE ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA!

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We are officially FULL! if anyone would like to be placed on the wait list send me an email. Otherwise, all are welcome as spectators
Well guys, the track day was a huge success. Lots of great cars, great people, and most importantly everyone went home safely. No crashes, no tows, and no ambulances. I just wanted to say thank you to all that attended, The Ford Performance Racing School, Thunderhill Raceway, Matt Visser, Robert Gluckman Photography, my brother Daley, and Jim Lunz for taking me out in his GT4! If you attended then drop a photo....or 10.

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