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Pre-purchase questions.

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Hello everyone.

I'm looking at used 2016-17 GT350's. I know that the Recaro bucket seats are a bit too tight for me so I'm looking at cars that have the "regular" Mustang seats, not sure what to call them. I'm hoping someone can help with some questions I have.

Is there any way to tell what packages/options are on the car other than by looking at the seats? It seems most have the larger center screen, so I assume that means it has Sync3 and can use Android Auto?

Is it possible to get a Ford Extended warranty if I buy the car used from someplace else?

Aside from the usual stuff to look for in a used car, is there anything that's specific to the GT350 I should look for? The cars I'm looking at have less than 12k on them.

Thanks for any help!
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I don’t think that is accurate about lightning blue
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