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Seems like a lot of negative things are happening in the world today. Has something positive happened to you lately? Could be a simple change to your car you were really pleased with. Could be something your child or family member did. Could be a charity event you attended. Let's just post some positive things to hopefully put a smile on someone's face.

I'll start, one of my granddaughters is big into softball. They won their regional tournament, here she is showing off her ring. My granddaughter is second from right.


2020 GT350 Race Red/White Stripes- Handling and tech packages, Recaros, Carbon Fiber IP
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Good thread. Congratulations to the girls!

I broke 400,000 lifetime miles on motorcycles. 馃榿
Looking forward to retirement in about 7 years to keep pushing towards 1 million.
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Nice looking bikes!! 400k is a milestone for sure. I used to average around 15k a year. Moved closer to work with a shorter commute and been in the 8 to 10k. Here's my current daily driver:


Then my previous bike:


The one before that:


The one before that, took side car off after I got it:


But none of the miles beat the first 11 second run in my Mustang:


2020 GT350 Race Red/White Stripes- Handling and tech packages, Recaros, Carbon Fiber IP
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Nice! Yeah I'd be here all day posting pics of the dozens of bikes I had starting in the 70s. 馃槃

2020 GT350 Race Red/White Stripes- Handling and tech packages, Recaros, Carbon Fiber IP
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The most positive thing I can think of is that my family is happy and healthy. On another note I am positive that the people on here are the fortunate owners of one of the greatest cars ever made馃憤
Not many can argue that it is a very special car/engine.

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How about a happy story?

The Need for Speed

After passing a lazy Malibu, a short stretch of interstate opens up. A teasing token from the Gods of Gridlock and Crowded Highways.

I switch open the active exhaust. The beast takes the cue and growls dauntingly. A deep monstrous rumble, she鈥檚 impatient. It鈥檚 been too slow for too long. For her. For me.

My skin crawls with trepid elation, like the high-octane snake running through her veins.

At 70 MPH, I drop into third gear, increasing RPM to match her speed.

In appreciation of anticipation, I hesitate before punching it; a moment to relish the roar and reverberations of 526 horses snarling menacingly and ready to bust all-ass loose.


It鈥檚 game on.

Like a cat on the prowl, she hunkers down and blasts off with an explosive roar鈥攁ll teeth and claws.

The creature鈥檚 alive with punishing Gs as she forces me firmly against the seat. My upper lip curls into a devious grin, 100 MPH and accelerating like the proverbial bat.

Vision narrows with a predator's instinct.

Heart pounding to the pulse of her eight pistons spinning a flat-plane crank, and I鈥檓 giddy as all fucking hell.

A daring glance at the speedometer shows 120 MPH and climbing, swiftly.

8,250 RPM sees a quick stab into fourth gear.

Up ahead, the span closes rapidly.

Too rapidly.

But she's hungry: 130, 135, 140 MPH (225 KPH), twice the legal speed limit, and still the rate of acceleration seems yet to diminish.

But, just that quick, in less time than it takes to read this post, she's devoured the road. It鈥檚 over. I have to back her off.

Until another day.

Another day and maybe the Gods will shower their gratuity once more鈥攂ut with a slightly longer stretch of the open road, and like this day, one without the highway patrol.

One can only pray.
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