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Hey all. Not sure if anyone else has run into this, and I am trying to find the root of the issue.

Recently, I have started noticing that there is a slight metal "ting" sound when I am rolling at slow speeds (E.g. backing out of driveway, small acceleration in parking lot).

I don't think it is the wheel hub issue as has been posted here before. It doesn't slowly get louder with acceleration and doesn't persist at speed. It only appears to happen at low speeds as described above. What I do seem to notice is that it appears to happen when the car shifts weight, which leads me to believe it is the suspension. If I'm rolling back and I tap the breaks, the sudden balance change seems to trigger it, as well as when I'm rolling forward and apply the brakes. I can feel the balance shift and then hear the noise. And the "ting" would seem indicative of that.

Is it possible this is a symptom of the stiffer springs on the car? I had a 2016 GT with a performance package and didn't hear this. But, I'm fairly certain the springs on this car are different, something I remember discovering when I was researching the car.

Any feedback would be appreciated. :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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