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Paint Issues

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I bought a '17 black on black carbon edition 350 from Norm Reeves Ford. While we were going over it at work with all co-workers, we noticed where it looks like the lack of paint on both doors, around the edges of the door on the inside, on the frame where the door to body weather stripping is, and around the hinges on the trunk as well as some hinges on the hood. Just wondering if others are having the same issues?

Right now I'm battling ford to get this fixed. :mad::mad:

Drivers Door/ Frame

Passenger Door

Both Sides of the Trunk


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I have been in auto body/paint a long time now and have seen cases such as yours, but i must admit i have not seen it as bad as yours. For such a high end car as ours are this is not acceptable. While i dont have any paint issues i did have very poorly fitment of body panels . Hood gaps,,fender gaps,,rear facia. I corrected these misaligned panels myself but like i said this should not be the case. Keep hounding ford to correct your paint issue.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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