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Owners supplement database

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RPM350 from Mustangg6 has made this.
Please respect his instructions , this should help some people.

Hi y'all, when I first bought my 2020 GT350 there were constant posts weekly about people looking for the person who had their supplement kit, or prior owners seeking out the new owner to give or sell the kit to that person. So I created this google doc spreadsheet to try and help those folks connect. All I ask is that you don't edit other peoples information. I do add ebay, and marketplace listings whenever I come across them.

For members here, please input your location as "" and then just your user name for this site.


For those who don't already know,

If you are the second owner of your car and are searching for your kit, you can reach out to Ford Performance 800-367-3788 or via email to see if it was ever even issued.

Additionally, there is a package anyone (except 2020 owners) can buy that has most of the paperwork that was in the kit, though it doesn't have the FPC model.

2015-2019 Shelby GT350 Certificate Package

Hope this is of use here
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We also added a tab for the Oil change kits for 2015-2018.
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