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Oil separators

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I finally answered the question that I have had since I ordered my GT350. Which side to put the oil separator on. I was told by FP that the Coyote engine flows one way and the voodoo flower the other. I was told to put it on the right side and the left side by different people. So I put them on both sides. I received my car in Dec 17, in the middle of a snow storm. It sat until May before driving it. I had 335 around town miles on my 2018 before taking it to the dealer to get my first oil change before driving 1700 miles round trip to an MCA show. When I returned home I checked both JTL canisters. The drivers side had just a light coating in it. The passenger side had about 3 oz in it. NO other oil consumption was noted. I checked the oil before, during and after the drive. Granted this was not track time, just 65 - 80 mph expressway driving. But it did answer my question as to which side the separator is most needed. THE PASSENGER side.
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