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So about 2 or so weeks ago my car would make this strange noise on startup, almost like a plasticky fluttering noise like something was stuck in the fan or something was vibrating. Last night a CEL came on, the exhaust didn't sound quite right and it was underpowered. Well the dang dipstick was almost dry. It took about 6 quarts of oil this morning. Solved the other problems for a little while but the CEL remained on. This afternoon it made the same hard-starting noise. Got the code read and it said:

VCT over-retarded bank 2
The ECM has detected the VCT position in an over retarded condition - camshaft timing retarded
Probable cause:
Cam timing incorrect
VCT solenoid stuck open

She's sitting at the dealer currently. Any ideas?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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