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Oil consumption + Timing Issues

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So about 2 or so weeks ago my car would make this strange noise on startup, almost like a plasticky fluttering noise like something was stuck in the fan or something was vibrating. Last night a CEL came on, the exhaust didn't sound quite right and it was underpowered. Well the dang dipstick was almost dry. It took about 6 quarts of oil this morning. Solved the other problems for a little while but the CEL remained on. This afternoon it made the same hard-starting noise. Got the code read and it said:

VCT over-retarded bank 2
The ECM has detected the VCT position in an over retarded condition - camshaft timing retarded
Probable cause:
Cam timing incorrect
VCT solenoid stuck open

She's sitting at the dealer currently. Any ideas?
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None from here but please keep all of informed
Good luck

You probably ran it almost dry. You might have hurt something in the motor. My GT350 Tech Pack was down 3 quarts in 1630 miles from new. I was driving it spirited and 7k rpms a lot, never 6th gear. Always reving. So now I have been baseline testing by driving only on the freeway, 6th gear, no high revs, taking it real easy and after almost 800 miles, the oil has not moved at all. So I feel better.
Some of these motors are eating oil ...... with a few engine replacements by ford.

I am loosing oil too. 1 qt at 3000 miles and 1qt down at 5000 miles ... so its easing up ..... some think the piston rings have to seal ..... Im doing a oil consumption test at my dealership
and will check it again at 6000 miles

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