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Oil catch cans are they needed?

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Was wondering what everyones opinion was on oil catch cans? Do you need them and if so On passenger side of engine or drivers side of engine or both?
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Tex, I too went with the JLT for the passenger side as although I like the look of the Ford Performance unit better, from what I can tell you have to remove 3 bolts to drain whereas the JLT you simply unscrew the canister and dump...

Ordering both of the JLT ones today in Black. They look like the best option
The JLT is not CA Carb Certified.
Very true, I was speaking with JLT recently and they did tell me that. Even though they have requested that their resellers not ship to CA they can't really control it. They are working hard on getting the CARB certification, as CARB is asking what the fail safe would be if an owner forget to empty the canister? Not sure that any damage would be done or not, anyone know how Ford Performance addressed this eventuality with CARB?
If the canister got full then wouldn't any additional oil just get sucked into the engine just as if there was no canister?
Bob, my thoughts as well...except if the canister was full it might suck liquid oil into the intake? Not sure if the oil could make it through the catch can filters or not...would like to know how For Performance addressed this...
To report back on my JLT (passenger side) oil catch can. I just checked it yesterday and after approx. 400 miles the can was about 20% filled. While I didn't expect that much oil with only 400 miles, very happy that's not being sucked back into the intake/valves/combustion chamber. The car doesn't appear to be burning any oil (I have about 900 miles on it to date) as the oil level is still showing right at full.
Yes; any and every car benefits from a catch can regardless of use. That oil is always there regardless of use, RPM, driving habits, etc. Always a benefit. Just right (passenger) side. Left side doesn't do diddly squat except under the most extreme track conditions. Most guys with a can on the left report that it's completely bone dry.
Ditto, I'd install one on the passenger side - always a benefit and they are an inexpensive insurance policy!!

Besides, once you rev this amazing FPC to 8K RPM's you'll be addicted :)
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