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Oil catch cans are they needed?

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Was wondering what everyones opinion was on oil catch cans? Do you need them and if so On passenger side of engine or drivers side of engine or both?
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I would say yes, you need it on the passenger side for sure. I installed mine at about 500 miles and when I did my first oil change at 1200 miles there was already some oil collected in the can. I drove another 1500 miles and 1 track day since then and there was a decent amount in there once again. I have a driver's side separator installed as well but that's been bone dry since the day I installed it. I'm happy I have it just in case, but the driver's side probably isn't too important unless you're going to be pushing the car to it's absolute limits at the track.

At least get the passenger side though. It'll catch oil even in regular street driving.
1 - 1 of 84 Posts
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