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OEM CAI Whistle Sound

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Hey guys. There is a whistle noise coming from the CAI when I quickly stab on the gas pedal. A quick stab is all it takes to hear it with the hood open. And no need to rev it high. Under slow revving from idle the whistle sound isn’t as prominent. Normal? I haven’t heard this whistle on my Cobra Rs. Of course those filters are encased. At first I thought it was a belt squeal. But putting my ear up to the filter seemed to have isolated it to the CAI. Let me know if you guys have this noise. Thanks!
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Hmmm, interesting! I have heard some whistle, sometimes. It almost sounds like a faint supercharger whine up. I sometimes hear it at about 4000 rpms. I do have an after market CAI though. Do you have your OEM CAI still?
Yes it’s still the OEM CAI. Only happens from idle and then a quick stab of the throttle. Do not stay on the throttle. Just a quick stab. Ford told me today it’s normal. But no engineering explanation why. The 5.0 guys that switch to the GT350 bucket style intake housing will hear it more because the filter is open with the hood up. One of the first things they mention. So this whistle is not specific to the Shelby intake.
sounds logical, but never know. Pays to ask around. Sometimes, it catches my attention.
I know exactly what you’re talking about. I noticed it the first time I started it up in the showroom and rev’d it a little. Sounds like a faint supercharger whistle. Hasn’t been nearly as noticeable while driving.
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