PRICE REDUCED TO $9,999 (from $11,999 originally)
Located in West Bloomfield, MI
Will Ship if Necessary For Additional Cost

-These wheels are made by Carbon Revolution out of Australia for Ford Motor Company
-A brand new set of these wheels from Ford will set you back $23,446 + $360(TPMS) NOT EVEN INCLUDING ANY RUBBER (see cost breakdown from Ford at the bottom of my listing)
-Rims are in good condition with normal signs of minor wear and tear, a few minor surface scratches & scuffs when looking really close, most of which could likely be buffed out (no curb rash, no major chips etc).
-Came off a 2017 Shelby GT350R Mustang
-Roughly 10k-15K miles of use (Got too paranoid about damaging them with everyday use and never tracked my car so I removed them and put into storage).
-Note the front wheels came with a thermal coating from factory which is the off white/gray coating on the inside of the front wheels shown in the photos.
-Includes TPMS sensors for 2017 mustang already installed on rims
-Includes the following tires currently installed on these rims: (However they don't have much life left in them)
Front: Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 315/30ZR19 100Y
Rear: Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 345/30ZR19 109Y
-Rear left tire had a slow leak and a plug was installed but ultimately decided to not put these wheels back on the vehicle after that.

Below is the current retail pricing & information for a brand new replacement set of these wheels from Ford:
-The part numbers for the front and rear wheels have been updated over the years. (The part numbers in my photos are slightly different for this reason since they are 2017s)
-The front wheels retail for $6,343.70 ea. (HR3Z-1007-G). These also have an updated part # of HR3V-1A145-MC
-The rear wheels retail for $5,379.37 (HR3Z-1007-H). These also have a part # of HR3V-1A145-NC
-The TPMS retail for $90 each