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normal vs sport mode

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I just recently discovered sport mode, and I will say that seat of the pants response is significant when in sport mode.
Has anyone tested the two modes in 0-60 and or 1/4 mile?

I am willing to guess sport mode is quicker than normal.

I guess is there any data for all the different modes
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I'm pretty certain the sport mode is a totally different OBD mapping. Its definitely much more crisp and responsive.
Todd, wait until you try launch control. Go into the apps and select launch control and you can pick your rpm value. At Track Attack they are using 6,000 rpm. When you are ready, at a standing start, push the launch control (LC) button on the center console, push the throttle to the floor ( you will be limited to 6,000 rpm if that is where you set it) then side step the clutch Hang on and lets see what it does.

Sport mode and Track mode makes everything more crisp from the suspension to the throttle. Set up a three or four cone slalom and run thru several times in normal, then sport, then track You should feel the difference


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