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New to Voodoo lovin' and New to Blue oval talk...

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Hello All,

I'm New to the site, New to Fords, and new to the GT350, and relearing a manual transmission
I just recieved mine from a great guy in NC, its a 2016 Magnetic Grey with black stripe.
I have (at this moment and time) only drove it one. The weather here in Germany has not been friendly, and I do not have winter tires on it. (do not want a ticket)
Hopefully once the weather is nice, I can drive, and get familar.
Look for me to post a ton of questions because I have some car knowledge, I am in no ways a Guru on Ford. I will get things wrong.

I also am planing, and will document several installs that I will do.

Stage I - HP Gains

Stage II - Drive/Drive train improvements

Stage III - Dress Up

Stage IV - Anything Else I forgot, or looks cool.

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Drive it some before you plan on HP gains. You may find this car has enough HP. I believe too much is just enough however. Do you have a Tech Pack or a Track Pack. The Tech Pack may disappoint you during prolonged high speed runs. The transmissions overheat. If you have a Track Pack then no worries. The best way to tell is if you have Recaros or not. If you have the comfy air conditioned and heated seats then you have a Tech Pack. Good luck. This car comes alive after 4000rpm.
Thanks Barstowpo

Yeah, I plan on getting use to it. Power gains are the gental type, Not boost or charging (long term plans). More like CAI pulleys exhaust, small power gains, and improvements.
I have the tech package, I thought the transmissions where the same for both the track/and tech package? Guess I need to learn more.What is the actual difference?
Congratulations !! They are a great car and you will love driving it on the Autobahn

Just a great car .... Keep us posted to your mods ..... would love to see what you have done with pictures !!!

Thanks Smokum!

Yeah first thing I have to do tho is get a few things fix, the scraped the crap out of the bottom when they shipped it. I Just picked it up like Tuesday this week 7March... and when It was raining so bad I couldn't really inspect it, when I got it home every thing was fine except under the front lip.
don't forget to get some training for yourself so that 1. you are safe and 2. you get to fully appreciate what this car can do

don't forget to get some training for yourself so that 1. you are safe and 2. you get to fully appreciate what this car can do

Training? In what sense?
I would look for HPDE (High Performance Driving Education) events at some of the local race tracks. Here in the states, PCA (Porcshe Club of America) and BMW CCA(Car Club of America) and even Audi sponsors such events. You may want to check with those local dealers as a start to see if they are familiar with any such events. We usually are on the track two or three days and you get instruction about handling your car in a controlled environment. As your skills improve, so will your speed and confidence. You will learn to handle adverse conditions and how to appropriately respond to save your butt and the car. Hopes this helps. Let us know if there are events like that available to you May want to check for any auto crossing events near you.

Okay Thanks Mike!

Yeah, I'm in Porsche Backyard, so I should be able to find a few events like that. Also Nurburgring and hockenheim are not far, so I will start looking into that!
The Tech and Track transmissions are different. The only difference is the Track has a pump to circulate fluid to the coolers. Ford Performance has released a retrofit kit that includes the transmission, cooler, and almost everything else to upgrade. Beware as this is a sensitive topic on most of the discussion boards since our cars (Tech) go into limp mode after about 15 minutes at the race track. Many Tech owners feel they were deceived by the marketing of this car as the "Most track capable Mustang ever."
Oh wow, I did not know that... That really really really sucks! :( And im sure this "retrofit kit" is a arm and a leg?! wow... Maybe I should of gotten the 2017 instead of trying to save a few bucks...
The problem with the Ford fix to upgrade to a trans cooler is the expense. The whole trans has to be replaced. If you goal is to retain "originality" then that is the way to go but then do you change all the other things that make a track pack car different than the tech pack car (2016)? With some creative work, you can mount an external pump(Tilton for example) and using some AN fittings you can add your own cooler. I have the track package so it isn't an issue for me. However, I do track a 2009 GT 500 and am installing both a trans and rear differential cooler.
Sounds super expensive. It is something I might look into much later on. Right now, I'm doing good to adjust to the clutch lol. But I apprecaite the infromation. So my car is not the complete monster I thought it was.... :(
The kit including the transmission is about $3400. This is less than the list price of the transmission alone. Unfortunately, there is no warranty coverage on the upgrade either.
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