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new to the Shelby game

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Hi guys,

I currently do not own a Shelby GT350, but I joined this forum so I can become more informed about the Shelby GT 350 before making a purchase.

I am in the Houston TX area and looking for reputable dealers to contact about my purchase. At the moment, I feel most of the prices are marked up and I am not interested in playing games at the dealerships. I was hoping a few Shelby owners could point me in the right direct with this purchase.

I am also curious to know if anyone else in this forum enjoys cycling. I am an avid cyclist and racing is a big part of my life. I had to let go of my 350z because it could not move my other machine around.

So, can a road bike with the front wheel of fit in the back of the Shelby???
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There is a dealer on this website offering at or below sticker. Let me look a bit and see if I can send you the link
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