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Oil change last week. Second one, triggered by onboard computer "Change engine oil soon." 8,000 miles. Running about 4k miles/1 year per change. Daily driver use only.

Mechanic said I needed tires. Wear bars look fine. He pointed out that cord was showing. Okay, cord showing trumps wear bars.

Took car to performance shop to check. (No point in showing Cup 2s to regular mechanics - they look like they need replacing when driving out of the showroom.) Plus shop has equipment to deal with CF wheels.

Performance tech said not only cord, but steel showing on inside driver's front. Rears look okay, but significant wear on outer edges. So ordered full set of 4. No more Cup 2s. Ordered Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. They now make them in 315/30/19, as well as the 305s, so they are same size replacement all around.

Had alignment done. They found the driver's front had -0.07° toe-in. That surely caused the severe wear on the inside of the tire. Driver front camber slightly off, too. They fixed the toe-in, got camber back to near spec. Ran out of adjustment right at the cusp of camber spec.

Picked up this afternoon. So what are the 4S like? Way smoother. The jumpiness is gone. No more twitchiness. No more tramlining. Surprisingly, bumps aren't as harsh. I don't understand that.

Some improvement in handling can probably credited to alignment.

For a daily driver, the 4S is a huge upgrade.

Also, the heavily treaded 4S means I don't need to worry about hydroplaning in the rain anymore.

So, I'm thinking win win win win win win.

Except for $2,175 all in.
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