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Hey all,

I just picked up a 2019 GT350 base with 7500 miles on it. I am looking for advice on a couple things.

Mods previous owner did that I know of
FP Springs
FP camber kit
MGW Shifter with Raceseng shift knob
Resonator delete
Gurney Flap package
What looks like a coolant expansion tank

1. The car has few mods already and I'm wondering if I should replace/remove them or do something different based on my intended use for the car. I will be doing 5-6 HPDE per year and also street driving weekends/road trips. It is not my daily. I am not looking to race the car just make sure it is reliable and ready for intermediate level driving on the track.

2. Also looking for a good service option/track day prep shop in the north Dallas area. Dealer recommendation is great but I would only bring it there for warranty related service and would prefer to bring it to someone who can provide more expertise and better customer service than a typical Ford dealer.

Appreciate it!
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