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New owner of GT350

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We ordered our GT350 in August. Just arrived this weekend. Will be picking up next week. Decided to trade in our 2011 Shelby GT500 on the 350. Didn't make sense to have two Shelby's sitting in the garage. We also have a Saleen 281 Extreme which we drive regularly in nice weather. The Shelby's are more limited use. We really enjoy our Fords, old and new. We have fun with our 1929 Model A as well. Will be bringing the 350 to Carlisle in June for the Ford Nationals. It will be interesting to see how many 350's are there. Tire Car Vehicle Wheel Automotive tire
Car Land vehicle Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Grille
Vehicle Car Grille Automotive lighting Automotive tire
Anyone else going to to Carlisle?

Not sure if pictures of the new GT350 will appear in post but, I tried?
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So what do you think so far? How does it compare to your GT500?
Car looks AMAZING! Love the color combo! Congrats!
Nice, I will be at Carlisle with my 350. But will be hanging with my SHO buds. You know the SHO is the "red headed bastard step child" of Ford Performance!
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