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New noise showed up today

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Today on my way home I was coming up to a stop light and it turned yellow so I down shifted in to 2nd and you can imagine the rest. I stopped at the next light and took off normal and heard a sharp faint click click click {kind of like when glass cracks} from the driver side back wheel it dose not click once in motion. I made it home after I pulled over and checked the lug nuts ect...
I can replicate the sound if I set the e-brake and let the clutch out in 1st or reverse and the clicks vary from 1 to three . I had a friend listen while I replicated it he also said its coming from the left rear.
So my question is. Is this normal for this type of car or dose it need to visit a dealer car is a 2016 GT350 tech pack and it has has 2439mi on it
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These type of cars always have more "noises" than your average daily driver..... but if it is a noise that wasn't there before I would definitely take it to the dealer. I recently took mine since I kept hearing a strange noise at low RPMs. Tech heard it as well and did to know what it could be or if it was normal since there were no other GT350 to compare it with.
Try re-torquing your wheels. They do tend to loosen over time.
I re-torqued the wheels this morning and the noise is still there. I made an appointment with the dealership for monday
I took the car to the dealer and 2 different tech's drove the car the first one heard the noise so they called in their suspension tech. and he said it was a not a normal car and it would be normal for it to make noise. ( I think he is full of crap because the car has never made this noise before)
so tomorrow I will take the wheel off and check it my self i think it has to do with either the half shaft to spindle or maybe the half shaft is starting to fail. If that is the case I will up grade the half shafts to these M-4130-MA
It does sound like a half shaft issue. I'm sure you will get I it sorted.
Look hard at the rotors too. They float on steel pins placed in the hub.
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