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New Member, long time Mustang Fan

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New to the site, hope I'm posting correctly. I'm a long time Mustang Fan dating back to my first one, a 1977 Mustang Cobra II, bought in 1979. I know the car was a glorified Pinto but it did have a 302 V8. I have had many Mustangs since then including two 4.6 liter Cobra's and a 2005 GT 500. I currently own a 2016 Gt350 with Tech Package and I lucked out finding a 2017 350R, build #374 at my local dealer. Both cars are amazing and I plan on keeping them. I was wondering if anyone took Ford up on the offer for the Performance Racing School?
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Hello everyone. Glad to join this board from the metro Detroit area. As of this past Saturday, I am now a 2017 GT350 owner. Car cleared Flat Rock on 4/10, delivered to the dealer on 4/20, sat for 9 days at an Ohio dealer where I was able to scoop it up. Car came with the just the electronics package.
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This is a nice car with an awesome exhaust note. I only have ~200 miles on it so far but I look forward to when I can tap the throttle a little deeper. For now I'm not exceeding 4000 rpm.
I already got rid of the hood prop rod and went with the Redline struts. I have them on my other cars.
Ordered a Lathewerks custom shift knob
Am considering a MGW shifter. I've had 3 on other cars and love their precision but I'm finding stock GT350 shifter not too bad.

I am member of the Focus RS sister board and look forward to more posts here. Always good banter and info exchange.

BTW, I am looking for an OEM car cover. If someone has one they want to sell, post a reply or shoot me a PM.
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great choice of color and welcome !!........ The car is an incredible car to drive , the more you drive it the more you want to drive it

Hello everybody!! I am also a newbie.. joined recently.
Congrats on the cars! And the FPRS Track Attack is a must. I just did it 2 weeks ago and it is great to feel what the car is capable of. I was personally amazed how planted it feels on the turns.
Not sure, but I have a year to consider. Congrats!
I agree with smokum, it is night and day from my 2010 Roush 427R! Love it so far! 2017 Shelby GT350, Ruby Red, H0477.
my GT500 will always hold a special place in my heart. Owned two of them and the last was 750 hp ... a beast to drive and only in good weather in a straight line. Couldnt take it on long trips do to potential weather issues (u have to think of this driving on drag radials) ... the GT350 on the other hand not as quick but 100 fold more fun to drive and all the new techie stuff .... love it

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