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New member, hard to buy due to open recall...

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So I've found a couple GT350's that I want. I'm really leaning towards Lightning Blue, Convenience Package with Over the Top stripes. My favorite is Lightning Blue with black stripes but I've found GT350's with the white stripes as well at a better price.

So far my best deal is about $2,100 under MSRP but I do need to ship it to California which will be around $1,400 for an enclosed transport. The hold up here is that almost every GT350 I find cannot be sold due to the open oil cooler line recall. So my question is, should I just put a deposit on one and wait the 1-3 months for a fix? Will the market continue to slip and I could possibly do better then? Is there a downturn because of the hold on certain vehicles? I swear, every car I've found has build dates from June to August... one being August 29th and the cutoff was August 30th! :)

Trying to buy one in California at MSRP is really a challenge. The worst markup has been $30k, the same when I inquired about a 2017 Raptor. Least I've found fairly close by is $10k which matched the lowest markup on a Raptor I found.
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Too hard to predict what the prices will do. They may stabilize to MSRP or below when they introduce the new GT500 but who knows when that will be. Why don't you go pick the car up and drive it home. Should be an interesting trip--especially this time of the year.

Interesting trip for sure! haha. It depends on where I buy a car and if I can find one that won't have a recall hold on it. If it's in a northern state, I'd probably just have it shipped.

I've considered flying there and driving it home but I'd probably only do that if it were purchased in a southern state at this time of the year. One other item is most of the good deals are not in a larger city, which makes flying into those areas more of a challenge (and more costly). So I'd have to evaluate the time, airfare, hotels, food, fuel, etc - to determine if it was worth it. If it were the spring, I'd make a trip of it and add a couple of days to check out some cool sights.
Well it looks like I found the exact car I was looking for and am working a deal on it for about $390 less than MSRP. Nothing crazy but out here in CA, it's $10k minimum markup. So after shipping, I'll still by about $8,500 ahead.

Lightning Blue with Black Stripes, Car Cover, Convenience Package and Over the Top Stripes. Best part is, it's not in a recall/hold state, even though it was built 8/29/16. :)

More to come as I work to lock down this deal.
Looks like I got it locked down with a $2k deposit and paperwork is in progress. Now it's time to find a shipper.

I get the paperwork via FedEx tomorrow and will have it picked up on Friday. Talk about 0-100mph in Shelby GT350 land. It's a good day. Got the exact car I wanted for a little under MSRP, it's not on that damn recall hold and I should have it in about 10 days.

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Nice car. I bought a black 2017 GT350 on December 9th here in Michigan for MSRP. No recall issue either. I never even heard of a recall when I bought it.
Quick update on New Year's Eve! Happy New Year's Eve to everyone reading this.

I booked my transport using Montway and they were able to get a driver out to load today right on schedule. He has the "good" enclosed trailer with the power lift gate so there won't be any issues with the front splitter on this trip. My contact at the dealership said there was a brand new Corvette onboard headed out this way as well.

One picture of the car the dealership send me just before it was loaded this morning:

Should be leaving Texas tomorrow and arriving here in California on Wednesday.

If anyone in Texas is looking to buy a Ford, I highly recommend you go see Johnny (Sales) and Chris (Finance) at Stanley Ford in Gilmer, TX. They are awesome guys to work with. I've never had an easier experience buying a vehicle. Tell them David from Cali sent ya. :)
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I took delivery a week ago, exactly one week from the day I decided to buy the car.

I've done some mods to the car, like the FRPP oil separators, custom front license plate holder, LED interior lights, installed an extra Uniden LRD950 radar detector with a mirror-mount, GT350R steering wheel and a set of Husky Liners.

Car is awesome but the weather out here has been crappy, so I have not driven it much. I got it through CA emissions testing and all of the paperwork has been sent to the DMV as of today for processing.
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Congratulations. Very nice color combination. Take it to the track. That is where they really shine. Also sign up for the Track Attack ASAP.
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