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The Blue Oval bug infected me years ago. There's been a Mustang in my family since 1965. Here I am today and in 1965, yes, it's the same Mustang. Yea, go ahead and laugh.


I've been a staff member on several Verticalscope sites, our forum owners, for many years. I'm here to assist in keeping this site running smoothly. If you have any issues or concerns please contact me thru the link in my signature or send me a PM. I'll be checking and responding to those issue as quickly as I can. I'm on the site mainly in the evenings so might be a few hours for response.

I'm in the automotive supply chain field after many years in retail automotive parts. I'm extremely carb savvy with drag and road course experience.


Not first, but not last. :ROFLMAO:


Thanks for having me come aboard.

2020 GT350 Race Red/White Stripes- Handling and tech packages, Recaros, Carbon Fiber IP
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Welcome. I was born in 1965 so I won't be laughing. 馃榿
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