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New here.. great place to learn!

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I currently have a '98 GT with a bunch of mods that puts down 457 rwhp. It's a fun car but I've decided to sell it and upgrade. It's come down to picking between a new Cayman, a several year old 911 or a 2016/17 GT350. I'm 95% sure what I'm going to go with; that's why I'm spending so much time here! (But then Chevy goes and puts down a blistering 7:29 on the 'Ring in that new ZL1.. jeeze!)

I think I've got my choice down to a 2016 Avalanche Grey with Tech package, a 2016 Magnetic Grey with Tech (both have black stripes/black roof) or a 2017 white with blue stripes + black roof + convenience pack. I don't plan on really tracking the car - maybe beyond 2-3 half-hour sessions every other month. I like the Recaro's but my wife says I'll probably have the car for 20+ years and she doesn't want to imagine a 60-something me trying to get in and out of those seats! Hopefully I can post a follow-up soon with pictures of the new GT350!

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Darren, go with the 2017 if you opt for the GT350. If you follow some of the threads on this site, you will notice many are looking to upgrade their tech packaged GT350 since it didn't come with the coolers for the trans or differential. The 2017 will have that as standard equipment.

Don't worry about the Recaro's, I am over 60 and enjoy getting in and out of them. In fact, I like the fact that they are non electric--really quick and easy to adjust. Two months before I got my GT350, I had a knee replaced and I wasn't too flexible--got in and out with out any issues.

Should you opt for a different vehicle--I would cast my vote for the Cayman S as it is so well balanced. Easier to drive than the 911. Good luck and you will certainly enjoy the GT350

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