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New Car Mileage

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My 2018 is scheduled to arrived at the dealer on July 9th. What number should I expect on the odometer? What's acceptable? Less than 5? 10? 20?
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Why does that matter? Will you turn it in and not accept it if its got 10 or 20. Its up to you. I got mine off the showroom floor, it had 23.
It will likely have less than 5 miles on it, if it is direct from Flat Rock to the railyard to the train, from the train to the local railyard, onto the truck, and then to the dealer parking lot.
But mine had 26 miles... I think the Tech doing the pre-delivery service took a longer test drive. No harm, I would!
It wouldn't "expect" anything. Only YOU can prevent forest fires. I wanna say mine had something in the 20's. Bought a brand new '16 Focus ST that had 3XX on it.
Mine had under 5 but since yours will not stick around the dealership for long I would expect under 10.
mine had 45 miles on it. I took it for a test drive. I couldn't bring myself to go back to the dealership, haha! Then they took it to fill up the tank.
My 2018 had like 8 miles on it and needed gas to get the 7 miles home! My "test drive" was to the gas station while they finished the paperwork.

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In comparison, I bought a "new" (never titled) 2006 Town Car in 2008 off the dealer lot that had over 3,000 miles on the odometer.
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Mine had 7 on it before I test drove it.
Mine had 7 miles on it when it was unloaded off the transporter.
Mine had 16.6 miles on the ODO when I got her.
'Should' be less than 10. Expect 25.

The head tech, and the dealership owner will push it up. Because they can.
Bummer! Delivery delayed two weeks.🤬🤬🤬🤬
Scratch that bummer! Dealer called yesterday. My car is here. Picking it up tomorrow! I feel like it's the night before my kids were born. Over a car. Geez, I hope there isn't a huge letdown. Six month search is over. So excited.
Well, I picked up my car yesterday. My salesman said the first order of business was to go fill up with gas. Admittedly, he just wanted to ride in the Shelby. Halfway there, I noticed the gauge read full. That’s when I remembered to look at the odometer. It showed 14 miles. Whoever it was, I can’t blame em’. I’m surprised there wasn’t more.


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